Unglaciated: Etruscus Resources reveals new ground in BC’s Golden Triangle

ETR.C, Etruscus Resources, gold, silver, BC

There is an old real estate joke: buy land, they are not making it anymore. Or are they? Gordon Lam and his team at Etruscus (ETR.C) have recently reported some results from their 2020 summer exploration program at the Eskay Camp in BC’s resource-rich Golden Triangle. Excellent grab samples with grades as high as 7,013 g/t silver, 12.7 g/t gold, 3.9% zinc, 2.4% lead, and 0.2% copper. read more

Etruscus Resources: Under the Radar in BC’s Golden Triangle

Etruscus Resources, C.ETR, Gold, BC

BC’s Golden Triangle has been a hugely productive mining area since the 1980’s. There is no question of its mineral endowment as mines like Premier back in the 1920s, the SNIP and Eskay Creek in the early 1990s, and, more recently KSM, Red Chris and Valley of the Kings have all come online with gold, silver and copper in abundance. The Golden Triangle is a big place and there are many highly prospective but largely unexplored or underexplored areas. read more