Canntab: All about the Cannabis Pill

The Canadian Cannabis market peaked – using the Canadian Marijuana Index – in early January of 2018. The Index topped 1000. It dropped a bit from there and, the Monday before legalization on Wednesday, October 17, touched 858. The index is now hovering around 500. Reality has caught up with the recreational marijuana business and the market caps of many of the producer stocks are adjusting downward to reflect that reality. read more

Aben: Moving Fast in BC’s Golden Triangle

Aben Resources, V.ABN, Gold, British Columbia
V.ABN, Aben Resources, gold, BC
Visible gold in core from Aben’s Forrest Kerr project Hole FK 18-10

It is a short exploration and drilling season in BC’s Golden Triangle. Jim Pettit, CEO of Aben Resources (V.ABN), knows the company has only four or five months to accomplish its program. Aben’s property is in the North Coastal Mountains where 30 or even 40 feet of snow could fall. “Winter drilling is possible,” said Pettit, “But it is a logistical nightmare and really, really expensive.” read more

Honouring the Land: Golden Predator Working Together with the Kaska First Nation

V.GPY, Golden Predator, gold, yukon

Part of the job of an exploration company CEO is doing corporate presentations. Janet Lee-Sheriff, CEO of Golden Predator (V.GPY), was in Philadelphia to do a lunch presentation to a group of high net worth individuals. She began her presentation by showing Kaska Kayeh, a video about how the First Nations on whose land GPY is exploring, understand the land, the wildlife and the water and moving forward with mining interests. A video produced by Golden Predator and a former Kaska chief and featuring Kaska Elders speaking, often in their own language, about the sacredness of the land and how to work together. read more

Canntab Therapeutics: Cannabis in a Hard Pill

C.PILL, Canntab Therapeutics, , cannabis

Jeff Renwick and Richard Goldstein (l&r above) have been working together on the generic side of the pharmaceutical business for a decade. Developing drugs and drug delivery systems. Renwick has a total of 25 years in pharma and Goldstein was an investment banker. Their private company had two generic drugs in the pipeline and a good deal of work on extended release formulations. read more

Goldplay Exploration: Updating Silver in Mexico

V.GPLY, Goldplay Exploration, gold, Mexico

Reaching Marcio Fonseca, CEO of Goldplay Exploration (V.GPLY), at the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Conference, gave us an opportunity to discuss the company’s San Marcial project where the company has been reporting a steady stream of drill results. The San Marcial project in the historic Rosario Mining District in Sinaloa, Mexico. read more

Advantage Lithium: Proving up a Lithium Resource in Argentina

V.ALL, Advantage Lithium, lithium, Argentina

Argentina has been in the news. 60% interest rates, a recession and a temporary 8% export tax are not good news for miners. However, at this point, David Sidoo, CEO of Advantage Lithium (V.AAL) is cautiously optimistic. “It’s effecting all the juniors working in Argentina,” said Sidoo. “it surprised the market and it is going to be painful for the next twelve months. However, we have built a contingency into our Preliminary Economic Assessment. But it is important to explain to investors.” read more