Yukon Mining Arrives on Bay Street

Yukon Mining Alliance, gold, Golden Predator
Yukon Mining Alliance, Premier Sandy Silver
Minister Pillai, RCMP Sergeant Major Doug Spencer, Premier Silver with $1,000,000 Doré gold bar

The recent Government of Yukon, in partnership with Yukon Mining Alliance and Yukon Chamber of Mines, lunch in the heart of Toronto’s Bay Street brought some of the Yukon’s most prominent mining executives together with brokers, institutional investors and analysts from the Canadian financial world. read more

Gowest Gold: Building a Mine

V.GWA, Gowest Gold, gold, Timmins, Greg Romain

We’ve followed Gowest Gold (V.GWA) for several years and from the get go it was clear Greg Romain was going to build a mine. Right now, at Gowest’s property north of Timmins, Ontario, an underground ramp has been extended 350 meters. “We’re 100 meters from ore,” said Romain. “What we have been seeing is what we expected. Once we hit the ore zone, we will start mining.” read more

David Erfle (Juniorminerjunky.com) On Novo Resources

Novo Resources
NOVO Resources July 1 to August 15, 2017

I met David Erfle on the media tour of the Yukon I was on a few weeks back. Quiet, intense and very, very focused. He has to be because he is trading the junior mining market and runs a subscription newsletter from his site juniorminerjunky.com out of Southern California. read more

Yukon Gold (and Silver, Copper, Nickel, Platinum Too)

T.WRN, V.WGO,Yukon, ,T.WG, , V.CSL,
yukon mining

When you embark on a tour of the upcoming mines of the Yukon the first thing which hits you is the sheer size of the place. Miles and miles of untouched, trackless, wilderness separates many of the properties from any sort of population centre. To cover eight properties and a full-scale mining conference in six days means a lot of fixed wing flying, helicopter jumps and bumpy drives down gravel (if you’re lucky) roads. read more

Yukon’s Tintina Trend: Gold, Silver and Exploration

Yukon Mining
Yukon Mining

The arc of the Tintina fault, running from northern British Columbia through the Yukon and into Alaska contains both the gold rich creeks of the Klondike and the silver hills surrounding Keno City. Within this prolific gold and silver belt you can see the history of the Yukon gold rush and the legacy of the vast underground silver mining operations at Keno Hill. You can also visit camps at every stage of development from raw exploration to fully constructed mines with milling facilities. read more