Keeping Up with FSD Pharma

Canada gold, junior mining companies

As well as yesterday’s announcement of a collaboration with Solarvest BioEnergy Inc to research using its algal expression technology to develop pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids, FSD Pharma (CSE.HUGE) is also involved with Aura Health Inc. (CSE:BUZZ). This collaboration will give FSD Pharma a window into the medical marijuana market in Germany and, eventually, the EU generally. read more

Goldplay: Developing the District

V.GPLY, Goldplay, gold, Mexico
V.GPLY, Goldplay, gold, Mexico

Goldplay’s (V.GPLY) San Marcial project consists of 1,250 hectares, located south of the La Rastra and Plomosas historical mines in one of most important multi-million ounces (Au-Ag) mine district in Sinaloa – Mexico. It is a large concession and Marcio Fonseca, the company’s President and CEO, together with Goldplay’s team based in the regions are driving the exploration program towards discoveries of large Au-Ag deposits. read more