CBLT Acquires Shatford Lake Lithium Property

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There are a lot of different ways for a company to make money in the junior mining space, for Peter Clausi, CEO of CBLT, it all comes down to acquiring prospective assets at good prices. So it was no surprise that CBLT announced February 8, 2021 that it was buying ground at Shatford Lake, located in the Winnipeg River-Cat Lake pegmatite field in eastern Manitoba near the Ontario border. read more

Bruce Duncan, RIP

R. Bruce Duncan, Bruce Duncan, V.CCB

The phone would ring. “Sorry I haven’t been in touch, totally fucking busy.” It was Bruce after three months of radio silence and he’d want an article written in twenty-four hours or just wanted to share a bit of graphite information under “the dome of silence”. He’d always have a filthy joke to tell and a bit of graphite gossip to relate. He was, or had been, the CEO of dozens of junior resource companies. He’d raised a lot of money. His passion and focus, when I knew him, was Canada Carbon and its ultra-pure graphite. read more