Tocvan Commences the Drilling Season at the El Picacho Gold/Silver Project in Sonora Mexico

TOC.CSE, Tocvan Ventures, gold, silver, Mexico

Announcing the start of the operating season is usually a somewhat ho-hum press release. However, Tocvan Ventures (TOC:CSE) is beginning to drill the 24 km2 area that makes up the El Picacho Project in Sonora Mexico. While the company will continue to work on its Pilar project, the real excitement this season will come from Picacho. read more

Cartier Iron’s Big Easy Gold Show in Nfld

CFE.CNX, Cartier Iron, gold, Newfoundland

Cartier Iron (CSE:CNX) put out a press release on progress at its Big Easy Project in Newfoundland. Big Easy property expanded to 369 claims covering 92.3 km2, 2 hours from St. John’s. The property was the subject of a Controlled Source Audio Magneto-Telluric survey which revealed significant resistivity anomalies along a major north-northeast trending structural break in the Central Anomaly – Big Easy Showing Area. The company is undertaking a 10,000 meter drilling program to test those anomalies. read more

Cartier Iron: Ready for Gold Discovery in Newfoundland

CFE.CNX, Cartier Iron, gold, Newfoundland

Tom Larsen and Dr Bill Pearson are very busy men. As CEO and Executive VP Exploration of Eloro Resources Ltd (ELO.V) respectively, these two are riding the tiger of the company’s massive Bolivian silver/tin/zinc/lead deposit at Iska, Iska plus gearing up to drill in Peru. But Larsen took the time to have a quick chat about his other company, Cartier Iron (CFE.CNX). (We’ll be speaking to Dr. Pearson when drill results come in.) read more