Millennial Potash: Talking My Book

A few months ago I started a SubStack about junior resource companies I either hold shares in or am thinking about taking a position in. Unlike where we try to stay very objective, over on “Talking my Book” I give my opinions (for what they are worth) about some of the promising juniors I am lucky enough to own.

Here is a write up on Millennial Potash (MLP:AQL). I will have an interview with Farhad Abasov finished early next week but the SubStack article sets the table.

Here’s an excerpt:

“What caused Abasov and his team to pivot away from their gold project was a terrific opportunity in potash in Gabon. The Banio Potash Project is located in the South West lower corner of Gabon, right on its border with Congo. The deposit is a continuation of the Congo Potash Basin.

The large property is road accessible and located near the small port city of Mayumba. Some drilling has taken place and potash bearing horizons have been encountered. Interestingly, there is an exploration camp, core and drill rigs located on the property.

Abasov told me that the plan is to fast-track the development of Banio. The potential for solution mining exists which allows for a modular approach to mining and a relatively low initial CAPEX. Add to that the fact Gabon is closer to Brazil, a major potash consumer, than virtually any other potash source.”

Read the whole thing…


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