GGX Gold: 16 meters 4.59 gpt AU

Canada gold, junior mining companies

GGX Gold (V.GGX) is reporting over 16 meters of 4.59 gpt gold and 38.64 gpt silver at its Gold Drop Project near Greewood, BC. We’ve had interesting results from GGX earlier this summer with “Samples from the first batch of samples returned significant results for gold and silver with values up to 81.8 g/t Gold and 630 g/t Silver. (August 21, 2017) and drilling results including a half meter of 24.1 gpt AU and 192 gpt AG (August 28, 2017).

Today’s release provides an intriguing longer interval of elevated gold and silver values. GGX believes it has uncovered a substantial vein of gold bearing rock. “(GGX) is currently exploring and defining the COD Vein, a Dentonia/Jewel style quartz vein, located in the Gold Drop Southwest Zone. Trenching during 2017 has exposed the northeast – southwest striking COD vein for over 160 meter strike length.”

The Gold Drop property was a producing gold property until the 1980’s. Today’s release includes core photos with visible gold. Always an encouraging sign.

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