Be of Good Heart: Moriarty on Novo

Canada gold, junior mining companies

Reality bit hard for Novo shareholders in the form of a blunt press release on Friday, November 24 outlining the frustrations of the Purdy’s Reward tenement, a key tenement within the farm-in and joint venture Novo has with ASX-listed Artemis Resources Limited, in Western Australia. The gist of the release is that it is proving difficult to get useful samples from the property. Which, in turn, pushes any sort of resource estimate off into the New Year.[...] read more

Pilbara’s gold rush: a complete guide to the main players

V.NVO, Pilbara gold, Western Australia,

Excellent overview of the Pilbara gold rush. Companies and geology are covered lightly but carefully. You have heard of Novo, what John Beveridge’s article does is introduce the many other players in the area. He also gives a useful history of Pilbara’s start as an iron ore resource with enough iron to meet world demand for centuries. [...] read more

David Erfle ( On Novo Resources

Novo Resources
NOVO Resources July 1 to August 15, 2017

I met David Erfle on the media tour of the Yukon I was on a few weeks back. Quiet, intense and very, very focused. He has to be because he is trading the junior mining market and runs a subscription newsletter from his site out of Southern California. [...] read more