NOVO to the Moon, Artemis into low orbit

Canada gold, junior mining companies

A few days ago when NOVO (V.NVO) was trading around $3.00 I noted that Australian listed Artemis Resources was trading at $0.15.

Well, now NOVO has cracked the $5.00 mark on significant volumes surrounded by real excitement. Artemis, as predicted, has risen as well. Up to $0.215.

There is no doubt that Quentin Hennigh is onto a significant gold find. Bob Moriarty, who owns a lot of NOVO shares, is tamping down the excitement a bit. “Well, i’d like to start by saying that there is a lot of misinformation out there. There’s a lot of bad information and there’s a lot of people saying what people want to hear without much substance behind it. I’ve heard John Kaiser talk about billion ounce potential, other writers talk about 100 million ounce potential, and we’ve got a piece on 321gold today with a guy from RedCloud saying there is a 10 million ounce “potential.” That word potential is the key, every project i’ve ever seen had a 10 million ounce potential. energy and gold And Moriarty downplays Artemis as having only 1% of the overall NOVO land package. But the fact is that that 1% is where the work is currently being done.

If you missed the NOVO rocket, you may still want to try to hop aboard Artemis.

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