Eagle Gold stays on pace through winter

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Excellent article on Victoria Gold’s incredible effort to bring home the mine at Dublin Gultch.

“While temperatures at Eagle Gold average a bone chilling -24 degrees Celsius (-10.3 degrees Fahrenheit) in December and an even colder -27 degrees Celsius (-16.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in January, Victoria Gold President and CEO John McConnell told Mining News that development remains on schedule for the next large-scale gold mine in the Yukon to deliver its first gold in the second half of this year.

He credits the roughly 450 men and women working at the site, more than half from the Yukon, for this success.

“There is a tremendous team of people on site with over 25 contractors fully engaged to transform the Eagle Gold Project into the Eagle Gold Mine,” McConnell said at the time. “The progress to date is impressive and we have the construction and operations teams in place to deliver Canada’s next gold mine.” Mining News North

Bundle up and read the whole thing.

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