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V.WGO, White Gold, gold, Yukon

Greg Nolan stands back and looks at the whole White Gold (V.WGO) story.

“Ryan figured out that extracting, assaying, and mapping soil samples is the key to diving the district’s subsurface mineral potential. Just as importantly, he figured out that traditional soil samples—your standard six-inch-deep ‘B-Horizon’ type samples taught in geo-school—was insufficient. You need to go at least 2 1/2 feet down to get a proper response in this region.

Soil augers, on a tightly spaced grid, is how Ryan is systematically exploring this expansive land base.

Between White Gold’s property boundaries and Newmont-Goldcorp’s Coffee Gold Project boundary, Ryan and crew have mapped over 400,000 soil samples… so far. That’s dedication. That’s using good science to home in on gold, base metals, epithermal, mesothermal, mother-lode—whatever the regions subsurface layers may hold.”

Read the whole thing here.

The biggest obstacle White Gold faces is that it has so many stories going on that it is tough for the retail investor to keep up.

Bob Moriarty isn’t even trying. Instead,

“Eric Sprott gets it.

Kinross gets it.

Agnico Eagle gets it.

You don’t have to be as knowledgeable as they are. You can ride on their expertise and experience in the Yukon. Kinross and Agnico Eagle each own just over 17% of the company. They have the right to maintain their level of ownership and when Eric Sprott expressed an interest in investing, they bellied up to the bar to keep their same participation.”

Read the whole thing here.

The placer gold which fueled the Klondike gold rush came from somewhere. The hills surrounding the placer sites around Dawson City would seem the obvious place to look and Shawn Ryan and the team at White Gold has had consistent success. The big question is when will WGO spin its first project out. We may find out this summer or fall.

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