Cambridge Conference 2019 Part Two V.GPY

V.GPY, Golden Predator, Yukon, gold
Janet Lee Sheriff and Yukon Mining Minister Ranj Pillai look at Golden Predator gold

One of the things I was very much looking forward to at this year’s Cambridge was meeting, in person, Janet Lee-Sheriff, CEO of Golden Predator, (V.GPY). I’ve done several phone interviews with Janet and very much enjoyed the conversation.

Golden Predator had its booth right on the Yukon Trail. At the front of the booth, in a well-lighted plexiglass case was gold. Gold coins and gold bars from GPY’s Yukon Mint and gold flakes processed from the gold GPY is extracting from its bulk sample. Standing behind the case and looking like high end jeweler was Janet herself. Simple, elegant black dress, warm and smart and just a pleasure to speak to.  Behind Janet was her husband and Chairman of Golden Predator, Bill Sheriff.

Janet was handling the front of the shop – Yukon Mining Minister and Deputy Premier, Ranj Pillai was examining the golden merchandise –  and I had an opportunity to actually sit down and talk to Bill. GPY had a press release which would be out before market. While the details are in that release, what Sheriff told me was that GPY’s thinking about the 3 Aces deposit had swung back to its original position from a few years back. Essentially, a view that the high-grade outcrops which GPY had been exploring were, in fact, part of a large and well-controlled system. A system which continued along strike and which is open at depth.

What this means for GPY is that next season’s drilling will not need to be as extensive while being significantly more focused. Essentially, Sheriff seems to think that this season has confirmed the general outline of the 3 Aces mineralization and confirmed that there is plenty of high grade rock along with lesser grades.

Which I suspect is good news for GPY’s Board of Directors and Janet Sheriff. It will mean that less money will be needed and a lot of that money will come from the sale of the gold recovered from this year’s bulk sample. For Golden Predator, every season is making the structure of the 3 Aces project clearer. I wasn’t taking notes but I was impressed when Sheriff said, “We’ve pretty much gone back to what we thought this deposit was when we started drilling.”


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