Bulk sampling as an exploration tool

Canada gold, junior mining companies

Our friend Janet Lee-Sheriff, CEO of Golden Predator (V.GPY) was kind enough to share the company’s internal briefing document on bulk sampling as an exploration tool.

Here’s an excerpt but it is very worthwhile to read the whole thing.

“In Golden Predator’s case we bulk sampled our 3 Aces Project in the Yukon in 2016 on a very small scale to determine if the gold present in the veins was recoverable from the enclosing quartz veins economically.  This testing proved that the gold was “free-milling” requiring only gravity recovery methods and water.  This process required no chemicals in order to achieve up to 90% recovery of the gold.  Although free milling gold was not uncommon in the 1800s, most of it has already been mined making the 3 Aces project notable. The bulk sampling continued in 2018 with the extraction of an expected 6,000 to 7,000 tonnes from an adjacent area that had previously been drilled on close spacing (up to 5m x5m) and had been modeled to predict the distribution, grade and total gold content of the area sampled.  During the next few months, we will be  reconciling the actual gold recovered from the plant, on a bench by bench basis (the 2018 sample involved surface cuts each 2m high), and again as a total on all materials extracted, these results will permit us to verify or make necessary adjustments to our drill density and our modelling parameters.”

Here is a link to Bulk sampling as an exploration tool.


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