Ertruscus: Massive Sulphides in BC’s Golden Triangle?

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When a junior exploration company sets out to explore an area it usually has a particular target but it can also find other prospective ground nearby. That’s what happened to Etruscus Resources (ETR.C) with its Rock and Roll project in BC’s Golden Triangle.

“We have not talked a lot about the Sugar area,” said Gordon Lam, CEO of Etruscus in a phone interview.  “We picked it up because it was close to our Rock and Roll project and the early numbers were good.”

When Etruscus was flying VTEM over its principal properties it also managed to cover parts of the Sugar area. “We saw something,” said Lam. “We call it the Hammer area. There are historical good numbers there. We just need to determine the drill co-ordinates and then it will be ready to drill.”

Currently, Etruscus believes that the Sugar project and Hammer area within that project are prospective for copper. “We have samples with over 8% copper. It’s close to Galore Creek (which is one of the largest undeveloped copper/gold projects in the world and is being operated under a joint venture by Teck-Newmont),” said Lam.

The Sugar Project is about 5 kilometers away from Etruscus’ Rock and Roll Project and is helicopter accessible.  In the March 16th press release reporting the Sugar VTEM results and the results from the sampling undertaken at the property, Lam stated, “We’ve been quietly developing Sugar while Rock & Roll has been taking centre stage. But Sugar is likely to become more prominent this year with the Hammer target nearly ready to be drilled while other areas are also demonstrating strong prospectivity for copper-rich mineralization.”

This exploration season which, weather permitting, could start at the end of April, Etruscus hopes to deploy a drill and test the Hammer target. The indications are that there may be massive sulphides which would make this ground very, very valuable. Something else to watch for as Etruscus continues to explore in the Golden Triangle.

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