White Gold: Two Maps of Yukon Gold

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Today’s White Gold (V.WGO) press release reports the results of White Gold’s extensive soil sampling across various target zones on its property in the Yukon. You can read the details of the sampling program in the release but, for the moment, it is worth taking a close look at the two maps which accompanied the release.

Here is the map of the JP Ross property:


And here is a link to the PDF of this map which will allow you to zoom in: JP Ross Property Gold in Soils (PDF)

Here is a map of the White Gold Property.


And here is a link to the PDF of this map: White Gold Property Gold in Soils (PDF)

In the accompanying release White Gold states, “These soil samples are interpreted as being in-place and representative of the bedrock below due to the unglaciated nature of the area.”

For a district scale explorer like White Gold being able to take soil samples which are indicative of the nature of the underlying bedrock is a huge bonus. The gold in soil levels give the company a road map for its future exploration and drilling.

It is well worth the time to look at the PDFs so you can zoom in on particular sectors and so you can get a clearer picture of both the recent samples and the historic soils. The big picture also gives a sense of how the soil sampling grids are set up and the very granular approach White Gold is taking.

My layman’s take away is that White Gold’s properties are alive with gold targets. With the support of both Agnico Eagle and Kinross Gold, White Gold will be able to probe, trench and RAB/RC drill these targets. As that happens, White Gold will effectively develop its many promising targets to the point where senior companies with take them over to do the detailed definitional drilling required to prove up mines.

I suspect that the biggest challenge for White Gold at this point is to decide which targets should have priority.

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