Wayback Machine: Doug Beattie on NexGen

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Back in 2015 Doug Beattie, Cameco’s former chief mining engineer did an interview about NexGen.

“The geometry at Arrow is excellent. Underground mining engineers pray for vertical ore bodies and this is present at Arrow. I have only seen the core photos that NexGen has published on their website and the core looks reasonable. Small stopes similar to Eagle Point are likely in order.

With respect to raiseboring of the high grade, there are multiple ways to attack this geometrically. McArthur River is constrained by the location of the water-bearing sandstone but, being so far down in the basement rock at Arrow, this should not be an issue. No ground freezing is used at Eagle Point and I expect that to be the case at Arrow.” mining.com

Nothing really has changed except that NexGen had drilled a lot more holes to confirm the resource and come up with a cost-effective mine plan. Read the whole thing.

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