CBC covers Victoria Gold’s BIG Shovel

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When you are going to take down a mountainside you need a big shovel. Victoria Gold (V.VIT) is building its Eagle Creek project and, yes, it is taking down a mountainside and it is using not one but two giant shovels nicknamed “Beauty” and “The Beast”.

The hydraulic shovels were built in Germany and have been shipped to the Eagle Project near Mayo in the Yukon.

The CBC covered the shovel story and quoted Victoria CEO John McConnell on the overall project:

“”You know I think we have just over 300 people, men and women workers, at camp now, spending $1.1 million a day, significant expenditure and we are getting a lot of work done.”

You can read the CBC piece here. 

And here is one of the shovels – it is not clear if this is “Beauty” or “The Beast”.

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