Eloro Resources’ drill hole DHK-27 intersects 202.43g Ag eq/t (69.80g Ag/t, 1.21% Zn, 0.49% Pb, and 0.12%Sn) over 325.48m including a higher-grade portion of 395.98 g Ag eq/t (182.02g Ag/t, 1.73% Zn, 0.97% Pb, 0.18% Cu and 0.19%Sn) over 109.60m in the High-Grade Zone, Santa Barbara Deposit at the Iska Iska Silver-Tin Polymetallic Project, Potosi Department, Bolivia

The silver grades in DHK-27 are the highest and most extensive yet intersected in the Santa Barbara deposit. 50% of this 860m long hole, drilled from Huayra Kasa due west at -45 degrees, returned reportable intersections averaging 172.09 g Ag eq/t. Holes DHK-26, DHK-28, DHK-29, DHK-30 and DSB-42, which returned multiple intersections, are additional holes collared in the Huayra Kasa area that tested the eastern margin of the High-Grade Zone at Santa Barbara. Highlights include: 222.51g Ag eq/t (28.44g Ag/t, 3.11% Zn and 0.26% Pb) over 53.90m and 99.76 g Ag eq/t (32.59g Ag/t, 0.11 g Au/t and 0.54% Zn) over 82.38m (DHK-26). 79.22g Ag eq/t (26.62g Ag/t, 0.35% Zn and 0.35% Pb) over 141.56m including 162.77g Ag eq/t (67.00g Ag/t, 0.55% Zn and 1.30% Pb) over 23.85m (DHK-28). 176.28g Ag eq/t (19.10g Ag/t, 2.29% Zn and 0.27% Pb) over 21.30m and 82.48g Ag eq/t (5.07g Ag/t, 0.21 g Au/t, 0.78% Zn and 0.18% Pb) over 69.18m (DHK-29). 130.69g Ag eq/t (7.19g Ag/t, 1.83% Zn and 0.48% Pb) over 42.17m and 129.98g Ag eq/t (19.71g Ag/t, 1.50% Zn and 0.57% Pb) over 72.31m including a higher-grade portion of 208.42g Ag eq/t (33.10g Ag/t, 2.37% Zn and 1.00% Pb) over 34.64m (DSB-42). Channel sampling of the Mina1 and Mina2 underground workings in the southern part of the property approximately 2km south-southeast of the Santa Barbara adit, returned significant values in vein breccias as follows: 153.94g Ag eq/t (55.03g Ag/t, 0.11 g Au/t, 0.7% Zn, 0.16% Pb and 0.08 % Sn) over 145.95m of the northwest trending drift including a higher-grade portion of 285.16g Ag eq/t (120.18g Ag/t, 0.25 g Au/t 1.23% Zn, 0.30% Pb and 0.13% Sn) over 56.34m in Mina 1. 382.79g Ag eq/t (15.67g Ag/t, 1.70 g Au/t, 2.20% Zn and 0.75% Pb) over 68.53m in an east-west trending crosscut in Mina 2. A second shorter crosscut on a secondary subparallel structure approximately 20m to the south returned 475.78g Ag eq/t (69.31g Ag/t, 0.26 g Au/t, 5.62% Zn and 1.92% Pb) over 26.67m in Mina 2. Drilling across the valley of the Iska Iska Caldera indicates that this area is underlain by a coarse-grained porphyritic dacitic intrusion that is well mineralized with Ag, Zn and Pb and is the likely source of the extensive epithermal mineralization in the Santa Barbara and Central Breccia areas. The porphyry, now named the Iska Iska Porphyry, is approximately 800m by 600m and is notable for the absence of tin mineralization despite the abundance of tin in the nearby area. The tin at Iska Iska is likely the product of an earlier higher temperature and deeper tin porphyry, which has been overprinted by the later higher-level porphyry-epithermal Ag-Zn-Pb mineralization related to the Iska Iska Porphyry. The definition drilling has more than doubled the volume of the High-Grade Zone defined by the >90 g Ag eq/t grade shell model to approximately 1,000m along strike, 800m wide and extending to a depth of 1,100m. This zone is open to the south, west and northwest as well as at depth. Eloro is working closely with Micon International to provide all data necessary for estimation of the inaugural mineral resource estimate targeted for the end of Q1 2023. Magnetic inverse modelling and limited deep drilling suggest that the major tin porphyry is likely below the Iska Iska Porphyry and to the south and southwest in the Porco and Mina Casiterita areas. The tin porphyry will be a major focus of exploration in 2023.
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Geological Plan Map showing Drilling in Santa Barbara Area with Holes referred to in this release highlighted

Eloro Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: ELO; OTCQX: ELRRF; FSE: P2QM) (“Eloro”, or the “Company”) is pleased to announce assay results from eight (8) additional diamond drill holes from its definition drilling program at the Iska Iska silver-tin polymetallic project in the Potosi Department, southern Bolivia. Hole DHK-27 was drilled from Huayra Kasa due west at -45 degrees to a length of 860m to fill-in gaps in previous drilling of the High-Grade Zone. Five (5) additional holes (DHK-26. DHK-28, DHK-29, DHK-30 and DSB-42) were drilled to the southwest from the Huayra Kasa area to test the eastern margin of the Santa Barbara deposit. Hole DSB-43 was drilled on southwest side of Santa Barbara and hole DSB-46 tested the potential south-southeastern extension. read more