Renforth Resources: Bulk Sample

RFR.C, Renforth Resources, gold, Quebec

As usual, Nicole Brewster, CEO of Renforth Resources (C.RFR) accompanied yesterday’s press release with a note to shareholders,

“Our initial focus for blasting will also be in the main blast area, where we sampled gold on surface, SGS is currently testing that material.
History repeats itself, we are working to blast the blast area….and obtain a mini-bulk sample to process for recovery of gold…if that works it is a transformative step for Renforth.”

Read the whole thing here.

The ability to bulk sample relatively high grade material at surface gives Renforth the capacity to have material to process. As there are mills nearby this could mean that Renforth actually makes money this year. Very few junior explorers are able to generate any cash while they are still exploring. If Nicole can pull this off it really will be “transformative”.


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