Renforth: A Deposit Grows Up

RFR.C, Renforth Resources, gold, Quebec

Once again Nicole Brewster at Renforth Resources (C.RFR) sends a great note to accompany the company’s most recent press release,

“And Parbec grew up from a historic gold occurrence into, after Renforth‘s successful exploration, a near-surface deposit with its deepest gold pierce point at 738m depth, stretching for 1.8 km along the Cadillac Break, Canada’s most prolific gold structure and joined to the Canadian Malartic Mine property, only 4 kms. from the current edge of their ~4km open pit gold mine in the centre of that huge property.

Now our kid has matured, from geologically identified deposit to an engineered pit-constrained resource estimate over about 1,300m of strike and to a depth of 225m.  It is like Parbec is 16 and just got the keys to the car. Where will they go?”

Well worth reading the whole thing.

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