Renforth Update: Going Deep

RFR.C, Renforth Resources, gold, Quebec

Nicole Brewster writes a great newsletter to go with Renforth Resources’ (C.RFR) press release.

Here’s an excerpt:

Renforth Resources

“In order to go deeper we will next drill in that area from the south. The bonus to that is we will set up in a way that also drills through the Discovery Veins.

SO – we are very pleased with what this program gave us, it is what we expected, “the usual”. You have to love consistency!

A high grade nugget effect hit – 32.33 g/t Au – did you know that is 1.1 oz? Some wider mineralized intersections – 17.4 metres being the widest this time, showing our “halo” effect where there is alteration around the veins that is gold bearing. And we got deeper.
All good.”

Well worth reading the whole thing here. But here is a little more of Nicole’s easy to understand commentary. As I have said before, more CEOs should provide this sort of informal, straight to the point comment on their often very technical press releases.

“What we do know is the veins run across the entire ~1.4 kms of the Cadillac Break on the property.
What we do not know is how deep the mineralization goes, however, we are in a location with lots of depth potential and we are only scratching the surface. We do know that the veins are almost vertical in how they are sitting – so however deep they go they will stay on our property! The adjacent historic O’Brien Mine operated to a depth of ~1500m on a chute created by a cross-cutting fault. Our other neighbour gets even deeper, as do others in the Cadillac Mining Camp we are located in.”




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