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The junior mining industry lives and dies by the press release. The problem is that press releases often fail to communicate the importance of particular information. So we were delighted to receive a note from Renforth Resources which added some analysis to today’s press release.


A “contingency” sample gave grade. And we learned something….

Today we put out a press release, because we got a complete surprise Friday.
In the photo above you see part of REN-19-34, drilled November 15, 2019.
Samples which were taken then are marked. We had to resample, quarter-cutting the witness half left in the box.  Our geologist decided to take contingency samples around previously sampled intercepts.
Contingency samples are expected to return zero grades, their purpose in to constrain the mineralization.

This didn’t work!

You can see below (in black), we added several metres of shallow mineralization to this hole, including some higher grades within the longer intercepts. The numbers in blue have been previously released.  Together they form the most current numbers for that hole.

This is important because rock which did not look mineralized at all is hosting gold in either micro-fractures we cannot see when logging, or in wispy quartz which you can see in the picture.
Take a look at the 48m block, 4th row back, then the 51m block 2nd row back.
That area ran 2.3 g/t Au, which we did not expect based on what we have seen to date.

So we learn things.

We will also be relogging the Discovery Vein holes in the spring with what we just learned in mind.


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