DXI Energy: Doing First Nations Right

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While you will hear some miners and energy guys complain about First Nations issues the fact is that First Nations people simply want a fair share of the economic activity on their lands. Plus, in Northern BC or the Yukon, First Nations are a readily available source of the workforce mining and energy companies need.

It is great to see DXI Energy (T.DXI) take a pro-active approach to working with First Nations as it announces the formation of a First Nations Cooperative Committee (FNCC).

“DXI director Stan Page has been appointed to lead the committee to develop initiatives via a First Nations Cooperative Committee (FNCC). This committee will work towards structuring creative economic development for the benefit of all parties involved with the Company’s Woodrush project and associated First Nations in N.E.B.C.

“By working together we can guide this newly formed FNCC to foster a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the local First Nations under the leadership of Mr. Page. This will incorporate First Nations informed interaction on the development of significant and sustainable resources within the bounds of DXI’s Woodrush leaseholds, with the aim to provide the local First Nations communities fundable investment opportunities to enhance their long-term prosperity.

Mr. Page, an experienced oilman and respected member of our board, will work closely with Strategies North advisors to build a transparent structure as we move forward at Woodrush and support this respectful collaboration with associated First Nations for mutual economic benefit,” stated Robert L. Hodgkinson, Chairman & CEO.”

Read the whole press release here.


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