Goldplay: Developing the District

V.GPLY, Goldplay, gold, Mexico
V.GPLY, Goldplay, gold, Mexico

Goldplay’s (V.GPLY) San Marcial project consists of 1,250 hectares, located south of the La Rastra and Plomosas historical mines in one of most important multi-million ounces (Au-Ag) mine district in Sinaloa – Mexico. It is a large concession and Marcio Fonseca, the company’s President and CEO, together with Goldplay’s team based in the regions are driving the exploration program towards discoveries of large Au-Ag deposits. read more

World-Class Extractions: Adding Real Value to Cannabis

C.PUMP, World-Class Extractions, cannabis, marijuana

Anthony Durkacz has a unique perspective on Canada’s emerging cannabis industry. Through his First Republic Capital, he has financed FSD Pharma (C.HUGE), Canntab Therapeutics (C.PILL), Cannara Biotech (C.LOVE) and, now, World-Class Extractions (C.PUMP). In each case Durkacz has been looking for business models which go well beyond the simple cultivation of cannabis. read more

Marathon Gold: Drilling to Prefeasibility

V.MOZ, Marathon Gold, Gold, Newfoundland
V.MOZ, Marathon, Phil Walford, gold
Phil Walford looking at drill core at Marathon, Nfld.

When a whole sector of the market falls out of favour with investors even the best news can fail to move a company’s share price. Precious metals explorers and developers, no matter how good their stories, have had an incredibly hard time gaining market traction over the last couple of years. Which creates a real challenge for CEO’s like Phil Walford of Marathon Gold (T.MOZ). read more

Triumph Gold: Hunting the Porphyry Elephant

V.Tig, Triumph Gold, gold, Yukon

One of the challenges the Yukon poses is to think “big enough”. As you fly over you see hundreds of placer operations, some recreational, some huge, all pulling gold in flakes and nuggets from the creeks which run between the hills and mountains. The essential geological insight is that the placer gold in the creeks came from somewhere and the logical place to look are the valley walls surrounding the creeks. Which is fine as far as it goes, but where did that gold come from? read more

Canadian Orebodies: On Ice

V.CORE, Canadian Orebodies, gold, Ontario
V.CORE, Canadian Orebodies
Freezing the rink

Part of the challenge in exploration is matching data to theory at the tip of a drill. When Canadian Orebodies (V.CORE) purchased the Black Raven property in April 2017, the initial data that was inherited included a set of historical drill cores which had been drilled by a prior operator, Entourage Metals. This core suggested that there was a narrow, high-grade vein which was called the Super G. read more