TerraX Winter Drilling

Canada gold, junior mining companies

It’s cold up in Yellowknife NWT. Which suits TerraX Minerals (V.TXR) because it means the company can deploy its drill rigs across the frozen ground with a minimum of environmental disturbance.

In a November interview with motherlodetv.net Stuart Rogers, President of Terrax, said,

“The Yellowknife Gold project is an intriguing mix of potential high-grade gold deposits and extensive lower grade gold zones at surface with a large selection of very promising drill targets for this year’s campaign.  We have over 450 drill holes in our database totaling just under 90,000m of drilling.  All the mineralized zones we are developing for resource definition and are still open along strike and at depth and will be followed up in 2018 as well. Terrax has always been about a district level program. With the rich gold mining history of Yellowknife, there is no question that there is gold there. The real question is “how much”, which involves proving up the ounces necessary to justify the investment in a mine. With high-grade deposits like Mispickel, Barney and Crestaurum and extensive low-grade deposits like Sam Otto, the ounces appear to be adding up.”

TerraX has the great advantage that its assay lab is five minutes from its core facility. What this means is that the company can get the results of its drilling fast. Perhaps fast enough that it will be able to report results from its early holes at or before PDAC.

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