Bob Moriarty visits NOVO’s Witwatersrand analog deposit in Western Australia

gold, junior mining

If Artemis survives for the next 100 years, it will be the very best deal they will have ever done. Quinton Hennigh has literally handed them a gold mine. He took a piece of ground they put no value on and applied his theory to show that the potential is large indeed.

On July 12th Novo released a press release showing two YouTube videos of people actually using metal detectors to find gold nuggets on the Purdy’s Reward property. Novo shares exploded higher eventually going from $.96 to $3.33 on August 8th.

Artemis shares went along for a free ride and rose from $.06 to a high of $.19. Artemis somehow managed to recruit the services of the guy I consider the finest geologist in the world today for free and got Novo to commit to spending $2 million in exploration. That’s a good deal in any language. Interestingly enough both Novo and Artemis had been talking about nugget gold at surface for months. Novo kept talking about prospectors using metal detectors to find gold on the surface in several press releases and investors ignored him until Novo posted the YouTube videos. Go read the whole thing. Moriarty moves shares at 321Gold

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