Renforth strips Surimeau

Renforth Resources

As ever, Renforth Resources (CNSX:RFR.CN) CEO Nicole Brewster’s newsletter is more entertaining and easier to understand than the press release it comments on. Which is the nature of resource press releases. They are “just the facts” about the work and the progress on a property. Nicole provides the flavour:

“The press release which went out yesterday was meant as an update how it is going at Victoria West – well, the answer is AWESOME.  Our stripping is bang on top of the ultramafic, which is what we see in the mag survey and what we know to be mineralized through our prior sampling, drilling and historic work over its’ entire ~5km length at Victoria West.  What we don’t know is what happens over the 14km between Victoria West and Colonie in the east, also mineralized – that is a question for another day. The newly exposed mineralization has been verified with the XRF by the geologists in the field, channel cut and sampled. So we are stripping surface mineralization, what is not to love?”

Go and read the whole thing.

Surimeau looks to have a lot of minable nickel and zinc. Renforth’s job is to define a deposit big enough to make a mine and Nicole seems well on her way.

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