Lexaria Bioscience: Positive Results

Lexaria Bioscience

Lexaria delisted on the Canadian Stock Exchange and retained its listing on NASDAQ where traders and algos have had two runs at the share price. The company is looking at trading records however, having 53.5 million shares trade when there are only 5.1 million shares outstanding suggests some trading shenanigans.

The rise in the share price over the past few months is, in fact, reflective of the company’s reaching milestones in trials of its DehydraTECH technology on five compounds from three antiviral drug classes, and in each of these drug classes has evidenced significant gains with up to a three-fold increase in oral drug delivery into the bloodstream. Creating enhanced bio-availability is the goal of the DehydraTECH technology and it has achieved that goal. Worth reading the summary press release.

The market is becoming aware of Lexaria and there is growing interest in the stock. Over time, further trial results and results from test in humans will push up the price. No need for cowboy traders gaming the algos and vice versa.

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