Renforth: 2000+ meters at Parbec

Renforth Resources reports that it has drilled over 2000 meters at its Parbec property in Quebec.

Along with the release, Renforth CEO Nicole Brewster put out a note:

“I feel like I should have some crazy promotional schtick, some magic formula or wowza statement to impress the people.

But I don’t.
Why? Because it is so simple… really is one plus one equals two….

Today’s press release tells you about the two most recently completed holes, the one we have just started, and the funds we have just put in the bank.

While you are reading it (I encourage you to read it) we will just be over here…..drilling.
Under our deposit.
In order to add ounces.”

Read the whole thing.

Renforth has 8 million dollars in the bank. Nicole is fully funded for the next couple of years and has a plan to add ounces at Parbec. I suspect that is exactly what she’ll do.

(Disclosure: I hold shares in Renforth, Jay Currie)

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