Moriarty on Group Ten Metals

T.NG, Group Ten Metals, platinum

I had a ton of fun doing the Video Signature (wait for it) interview with Mike Rowley of Group Ten Metals. (T.NG) Greg Johnson of Metallic Minerals sat in and we got great footage.

Our pal Bob Moriarty weighed in on the company at StreetWise Reports:

“Putting together a package of various different claims from several vendors is what company chairman Johnson does. He did exactly the same thing with Metallic Metals. For the first time in history, the entire package has been put together into one company. There is a lot of technical data from past operators, and for now the company is focused on putting it all together in one easy-to-understand format.

Investing in Group Ten, for anyone interested in platinum and palladium, is about as difficult as learning how to fall off a bike. If you use $1,000 an ounce as an average price for platinum and palladium, the Stillwater series of mines show a US$80 billion-dollar resource. Group Ten has the same rocks, an excellent management team, tons of existing data and a US$8.5 million market cap. Do the math.”

Bob hates the name…So do I but you should read the whole thing about Group Ten Metals.

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