Argentina Lithium at Investor Intel

Canadian Junior Mining, TSX-V

“Argentina Lithium (V.LIT) is a member of the accomplished Grosso Group, a resource management group that has pioneered exploration in Argentina since 1993. The management group has a long history of success in the resource sector of Argentina, and has assembled a first rate team of experts to acquire and advance the best lithium properties in the world renowned “Lithium Triangle”. The group’s repeated successes and resulting deep connections to the mining industry of Argentina mean they are able to progress with far greater ease than any newcomers.

Projections show that demand for lithium will grow by around 4.5 times over the next decade due to expanding battery markets. 70% of the world’s lithium reserves are contained within the lithium triangle, and Argentina produces 12% of the global lithium supply; a well-connected and experienced management team is all that’s needed to bring these resources to market, and that’s exactly what Argentina Lithium has.”

There is certainly lithium in Argentina and Argentina Lithium’s strong in country connections give it a leg up both finding the right properties and quickly putting them into production. Right now the worldwide demand for lithium is only increasing. Finding new, economic, sources of lithium is one of the few “sure things” in the junior mining space.

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