Argentina Lithium Profiled

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I am in the middle of writing up an interview with Argentina Lithium’s (T.LIT) CEO Niko Cacos. Strategic Metals and Rare Earths International, a newsletter published from Amsterdam has put out a “special situation” report on Argentina Lithium. This sort of in-depth background material is just what an investor needs to do due diligence before investing.

“In addition, considering the Company’s strategy to further expand its lithium holdings, led by the Grosso
Group that pioneered in the mineral industry in Argentina and has operated there since 1993, in my view,
Argentina Lithium, at a market capitalization of around C$ 27 million, offers a high investment leverage potential.

My 12 months price target is C$ 0.70.” Strategic Metals and Rare Earths International

LIT is trading between $0.40 and $0.45 so that is a decent price increase.

You can read the whole Argentina Lithium report here.

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