Renforth Completes Initial Metallic Screen Assays at New Alger 68% of Samples Display Nugget Effect, Give Higher Gold Values in Plus Fraction

RFR.C, Renforth Resources, gold, Quebec
  • A total of 76 samples were selected and metallic screen assayed from the core rejects from Fall 2019 drill program
  • Results from metallic screen selection demonstrate the presence of coarse gold
  • 51 out of 76 samples submitted for metallic screen returned assay values from the “plus” portion of the metallic screen higher than the original fire assay values. This includes 70.1 g/t Au in the plus fraction where the original full sample fire assay was 11.2 g/t Au, the new full sample metallic screen assay is 10.5 g/t Au. The lower full sample values reflect the inclusion of screened, finer material of a lower grade as discussed below.

PICKERING, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2020 / Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE:RFR) (OTC Pink:RFHRF) (WKN – A2H9TN) (“Renforth” or the “Company”) is pleased to confirm, via an initial metallic screen program, the presence of coarse, or “nugget effect” gold, which, in 51 of the 76 samples tested returned a higher “plus screen” assay value than the original full sample fire assay value, as seen below.

Initial Program Observations

The results obtained in this initial program are interesting, for example;

  • A sample taken from a Discovery vein drillhole, which assayed 0.22 g/t Au originally, gave 2.09 g/t Au in the plus fraction, or 2.48 g/t Au in the combined plus and minus screens of the metallic screen. This sample was logged as greywacke. This instance illustrates that coarse gold, not visible to the eye, can occur in the Discovery Veins outside of quartz veining.
  • Several samples taken, including the 70.1 g/t Au sample discussed above, demonstrate coarse gold in the plus fraction contrasted to low values in the whole Metallic Screen result (where plus and duplicate minus screens are combined), as well as the original fire assay. This clearly demonstrates a nugget effect caused as coarse, or native, gold can be smeared in the sample preparation and grinding process, leaving it too large to pass through the 100 micron screen which the sample material is put through prior to conventional fire assay. The screen allows the fine material to pass and catches the coarser material, which can include native gold. The Whole sample number given reflects 1 coarse “plus” sample, frequently higher grade due to coarse gold as seen above, combined with 3 “fine” samples, the results combined mathematically to yield the whole number. A conventional fire assay only assays one sample of “fine” material.

  • Renforth considers this limited, initial program to demonstrate that higher grade coarse gold is occurring at New Alger in lithologies where gold is anticipated, for example quartz veining, as well as where it is unexpected, such as greywacke. It is expected that in the future metallic screen assays will continue to be done in order to obtain a clearer picture of the nugget effect which conventional assay technology can not characterize accurately but which would affect any future bulk sampling or other activities.

Au Metallic Screen Results

DDHSampleFrom mTo mLength mDescAu PLUS g/t (entire fraction FA)Au g/t SCRN WHOLE SAMPLEAu g/t ORIGINAL (30g FA)
REN-19-2824275034.14.70.6qz + aspy0.460.460.55
REN-19-28242753346471chl grwk0.310.130.29
REN-19-28242755692.693.71.1bt grwk + qz-
REN-19-28242756399.51011.5bt grwk + aspy0.450.270.54
REN-19-282427586177.31780.7grwk + qz1.260.340.43
REN-19-282427588179179.50.5grwk + qz0.380.160.16
REN-19-282427589179.5180.30.8grwk + qz19.852.420.61
REN-19-29242761126.327.20.9bt-chl-qz zone1.150.940.82
REN-19-292427612dup of prev   0.680.970.87
REN-19-29242762638391grwk + qz + py + aspy0.380.130.14
REN-19-2924276273939.70.7grwk + qz + py + aspy1.381.040.99
REN-19-29242764053.554.30.8grwk + qz + py3.490.30.34
REN-19-2924276486161.70.7qz + aspy2.20.530.56
REN-19-30242766841421grwk + qz + aspy1.270.90.59
REN-19-30242769867681grwk + minor blue qz1.460.40.23
REN-19-30242770371.572.51bt grwk + qz + py8.851.250.46
REN-19-3024277249191.60.6qz + py10.33.991.66
REN-19-302427725dup of prev   1.060.930.7
REN-19-302427734101.5102.51grwk + aspy1.070.610.45
REN-19-302427736102.5103.51grwk + qz + aspy0.840.250.19
REN-19-31242777445461dark grwk + qz0.080.080.11
REN-19-312427775dup of prev   0.470.10.05
REN-19-31242777646471blue quartz0.170.110.17
REN-19-3124277774747.450.45bt chl sch + aspy0.20.080.06
REN-19-31242777847.4548.10.65blue quartz0.320.070.02
REN-19-31242777948.1490.9dark grwk-0.05-0.050.03
REN-19-3124277815050.50.5grwk + aspy0.330.390.43
REN-19-31242778451.752.250.55qz + aspy0.260.20.3
REN-19-31242778652.2553.251dark grwk + py1.150.260.17
REN-19-31242778753.2554.251grwk + qz-
REN-19-33242784820.321.31grwk + qz1.810.420.94
REN-19-33242784921.322.20.9grwk + qz9.011.840.96
REN-19-33242786738391grwk + aspy12.351.560.35
REN-19-33242787143.544.51grwk + aspy0.930.280.29
REN-19-33242787344.545.51grwk + aspy0.090.061.29
REN-19-3424278964.55.51sch grwk + qz + py2.720.740.43
REN-19-34242791634.635.61qz + aspy1.860.631.41
REN-19-34242792451.552.51bt grwk0.310.180.09
REN-19-342427925dup of prev   0.690.280.11
REN-19-34242792855.556.51bt grwk + qz0.24-0.052
REN-19-34242793367.467.70.3grwk + carb-by frac0.420.490.8
REN-19-3424279367676.70.7grwk + qz3.381.060.63
REN-19-34242794181.882.91.1hb int vol?
REN-19-342427942dup of prev   0.620.170.48
REN-19-34242794382.983.50.6hb int vol + py1.141.111.7
REN-19-355037213.52151.5chloritised dia?-0.05-0.050.02
REN-19-3550382152161chl mv or seds42.071.63
REN-19-355039216216.50.5ser sch + qz + Au70.110.511.2
REN-19-355040216.52170.5ser sch + qz2.020.510.72
REN-19-355041217217.90.9ser sch0.950.530.57
REN-19-355042dup of prev   0.890.530.43
REN-19-365316350.9351.91V7 carb-0.05-0.050
REN-19-365317351.9352.550.65V7 ser + py + aspy1.451.811.88
REN-19-365318352.55352.90.35V7 ser + qz + py + aspy0.991.191.23
REN-19-365319352.9353.91V7 ser + py + aspy1.551.421.93
REN-19-365320353.9355.11.2V7 ser + py + aspy3.052.22.76

The metallic screen samples disclosed in this press release were obtained by the processing of sample rejects from the Fall 2019 drill program. Results from that program have been released, please see the press release of January 21, 2020. The sample rejects, which are the unused, crushed sample material left over from the original assay procedure in 2019, were retrieved by the program geologists by hand from the original assay laboratory, Bourlamaque Labs, and immediately delivered to ALS Labs, both in Val d’Or, Quebec. ALS completed the Metallic Screen assaying. The process consists of the sample material being ground fine and then screened through a 100 micron mesh. The material passing through (finest material) and caught by (coarser material) the mesh were assayed separately (duplicate 50g pulps being used for the fine material). A whole-sample assay is then calculated using the results from the fine and coarse samples combined. In addition to the internal QA/QC procedures of the lab duplicate samples were run in the batch and are disclosed in the table above.

Technical information in this press release was reviewed and approved by Francis R. Newton P.Geo (OGQ # 2129), a “Qualified Person” pursuant to NI 43-101.

For further information please contact:

Renforth Resources Inc.
Nicole Brewster
President and Chief Executive Officer
#269 – 1099 Kingston Road, Pickering ON L1V 1B5


Renforth Resources Inc. is a Toronto-based gold exploration company with five wholly owned surface gold bearing properties located in the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

In Quebec Renforth holds the New Alger and Parbec properties, in the Cadillac and Malartic gold camps respectively, with gold present at surface and to some depth, located on the Cadillac Break. In both instances’ additional gold bearing structures, other than the Cadillac Break, have been found on each property and require additional exploration. Renforth also holds Malartic West, contiguous to the western boundary of the Canadian Malartic Mine property, located in the Pontiac Sediments, this property is gold bearing and was the recent site of a copper discovery. In addition to this Renforth has optioned the wholly owned Denain-Pershing gold bearing property, located near Louvicourt, Quebec, to O3 Mining Inc.

In Ontario Renforth holds the Nixon-Bartleman surface gold occurrence west of Timmins Ontario, drilled, channeled and sampled over 500m – this historic property also requires additional exploration to define the extent of the mineralization.

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SOURCE: Renforth Resources Inc.


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