Renforth Discovers New Gold Bearing Zones in Unexplored Cadillac Break at Wholly Owned New Alger Property, Cadillac Mining Camp, Quebec

Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE:RFR)(OTCPink:RFHRF) (“Renforth” or the “Company”) is pleased to report on the discovery of new gold bearing zones within unexplored areas of the Cadillac Break and successful results in the first drill program on the Discovery Veins, both on Renforth’s wholly owned New Alger property, located on 1.4 kms of the Cadillac Break in the Cadillac Mining Camp, Quebec. Highlights of the first drill program in almost five years at New Alger are;

  • New Discovery of the gold-bearing Sericite Zone in Cadillac Break, which assayed up to 11.2 g/t Au over 0.5m. The Sericite zone was intersected over 160m in 3 holes and is open on strike, this zone is located north of any previous exploration
  • New Alger’s Thompson-Cadillac Mine Veins (#1, 2 and 3) were all intersected in each hole and delivered widths >3m in assay in several instances, including 4.8m of 5.38 g/t Au, within which was 1.9m of 11.83 g/t Au in the #3 Vein as seen in the table below
  • The Cadillac Break, north of the Sericite Zone, yielded the discovery of several instances of gold. This area has seen no prior exploration, the presence of gold in the unexplored north zone is a new discovery which is open at New Alger
  • “Discovery Veins” proven gold bearing to depths of up to ~120m across entire stripped area, stripped over ~250m and are open on strike. The Discovery Veins, discovered by Renforth in 2017, have never been drilled previously
  • Gold was present in each of the 10 holes drilled in 2057m in the November 2019 program with a nugget effect observed in Renforth’s internal QA/QC program. Selected samples which assayed >0.5 g/t Au will be resubmitted for a second assay

New Alger Cadillac Break Results Summary

New Alger mine area results from this drill program indicate that the Cadillac Break is gold-bearing within and outside of the previously focused on area where the Piché volcanics meet the Pontiac sediments in the south. In this program, Renforth obtained mineralization, as targeted, within the 3 vein systems that formed the historic Thompson-Cadillac Mine in the eastern portion of New Alger, recognized as the same veins present at the adjacent historic O’Brien Mine. These drill holes were selected as “undercuts” of Renforth’s previous (2007, 2010) drilling, successfully extending mineralization deeper. The “mine vein” package strikes East-West across ~1.4 kms of the property and is approximately 100m in width. The discovery of the gold-bearing sericite zone in the previously undrilled north zone of the Cadillac Break adds ~40m to the width of the mineralized package, as seen in the only 3 holes to have tested this zone to date. One of the 3 holes went further north than the other two and encountered additional previously unknown gold mineralization at lithological contacts within the Cadillac Break schists, outside of the ~140 width of the currently defined mineralized package. Renforth’s next drill program at New Alger will focus on drilling through the Cadillac Break and extending these findings and recent discoveries.

New Alger Cadillac Break Assay Highlights

DDHDipAzimuthUTM_EUTM_NFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)Au g/tZone
REN-19-35-450691720534543245.448.53.10.73#1 Vein
incl.:46.447.411.22#1 Vein
REN-19-35-450691720534543253.656.630.45#1 Vein
incl.:55.656.610.73#1 Vein
REN-19-35-45069172053454328688.22.20.57#1 Vein
incl.: Vein
REN-19-35-4506917205345432105106.11.11.17#2 Vein
REN-19-35-4506917205345432123.7126.52.80.87#2 Vein
REN-19-35-4506917205345432130134.84.85.38#3 Vein
incl.:130.8132.71.911.83#3 Vein
REN-19-35-450691720534543218819021.1#3 Vein
REN-19-35-4506917205345432215217.92.92.79Sericite Zone
incl.:216216.50.511.2Sericite Zone
REN-19-35-4506917205345432231.3232.310.61Sericite Zone
REN-19-35-4506917205345432245.1246.71.60.6Sericite Zone
incl.:246246.70.70.95Sericite Zone
REN-19-35-4506917205345432250.82521.21.26Sericite Zone
REN-19-36-6006916275345369164179150.84#1 vein
incl.:166179130.93#1 Vein
incl.:16616931.5#1 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369190.9191.30.41.39#2/3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369203.5207.540.55#2/3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369235239.54.51.5#2/3 Vein
incl.:238.4239.51.13.27#2/3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369246.32492.71.24#2/3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369254.4256.420.83#2/3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369264.9280.5150.84#3 Vein
OR264.927813.10.92#3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369264.9267.52.60.82#3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369273.5280.571.39#3 Vein
or275280.55.51.64#3 Vein
OR276.5280.542.01#3 Vein
REN-19-36-6006916275345369351.9355.13.22.15Sericite Zone
REN-19-37-5006915485345342173.5184.5111.49#1 Vein
or174.5184.5101.61#1 Vein
or175.5184.591.71#1 Vein
or175.5183.581.8#1 Vein
incl.:180.5183.532.76#1 Vein
incl.:182.5183.514.78#1 Vein
REN-19-37-500691548534534219119981.52#2 Vein
OR19219971.6#2 Vein
incl.:19219423.57#2 Vein
REN-19-37-5006915485345342230.7239.68.90.9#3 Vein
incl.:230.7232.722.15#3 Vein
-5006915485345342322.6323.610.6Sericite Zone

*UTM’s are in NAD83 Zone17U

*Length measurements are not true width, they are as measured in the core box

New Alger Discovery Vein Results Summary

Renforth has sampled the Discovery Vein System across >500m of strike in the Pontiac Sediments South of the Cadillac Break, and stripped ~250m of this mineralization located on the crest of a hill, approximately 250m south of the New Alger mine area. This program drilled a total of 7 holes under the Discovery Vein stripping, each of the 7 holes returned gold values over the 250m of strike drilled. This program established that the Discovery Veins consist of multiple mineralized veins in the sediments, parallel to the Cadillac Break, which Renforth will explore further in the future as an open pit target. Mineralization in the Discovery Veins occurs on surface and up to a drilled depth of 120m; neither the width of the system, its’ strike length or its’ maximum depth have yet been defined. Assay values in this system range from 0.43 g/t Au to 20.8 g/t Au on surface and 0.45 g/t Au to 1.7 g/t Au underground, based upon sampling and drilling to date. The holes drilled in the Discovery Vein system consisted of a first hole targeting under the access trail, then 3 pairs of holes, each pair from the same set up but at different dips, in the eastern, central and western end of the Discovery Veins, in that order. Each of these holes undercut surface values, successfully extending the mineralization to depth in sub-vertical veins.

New Alger Discovery Vein Assay Highlights

DDHDipAzimuthUTM_EUTM_NFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)Au g/tZone
REN-19-28-4518069205153453984. Veins
REN-19-28-45180692051534539899.51011.50.54Discovery Veins
REN-19-28-451806920515345398177.3180.330.31Discovery Veins
incl.:179.5180.30.80.61Discovery Veins
REN-19-29-450692067534526926.327.20.90.82Discovery Veins
REN-19-29-45069206753452693839.71.70.49Discovery Veins
incl3939.70.70.99Discovery Veins
REN-19-29-45069206753452696161.70.70.56Discovery Veins
REN-19-30-6006920675345269414210.59Discovery Veins
REN-19-30-60069206753452695859.51.51.28Discovery Veins
REN-19-30-600692067534526971.572.510.46Discovery Veins
REN-19-30-60069206753452699191.60.61.66Discovery Veins
REN-19-30-6006920675345269101.5102.510.45Discovery Veins
REN-19-30-6006920675345269103.5104.510.64Discovery Veins
REN-19-30-6006920675345269109.51111.50.51Discovery Veins
REN-19-31-4518069190453452925052.252.250.4Discovery Veins
REN-19-31-4518069190453452925050.50.50.43Discovery Veins
REN-19-31-45180691904534529251.752.250.550.3Discovery Veins
REN-19-32-60180691904534529221.5231.50.29Discovery Veins
REN-19-33-45180691844534528220.322.21.90.95Discovery Veins
REN-19-33-45180691844534528244.546.520.79Discovery Veins
incl.:44.545.511.29Discovery Veins
REN-19-34-6018069184453452824.55.510.43Discovery Veins
REN-19-34-60180691844534528234.635.611.41Discovery Veins
REN-19-34-60180691844534528282.983.50.61.7Discovery Veins

*UTM’s are in NAD83 Zone17U

*Length measurements are not true width, they are as measured in the core box

Assay QA/QC procedures followed by Renforth have demonstrated a nugget effect caused by the behavior of coarse gold, known to exist at New Alger, in the assay process. Due to this, to obtain results which are more representative of the gold content in the drill core, Renforth will be re-assaying a selection of the pulps from this program using screened metallics and multielement analysis. In addition to giving another gold value this technique will quantify other elements present and their amounts.

Sample data referred to in this press release was obtained from samples bagged, tagged and sealed in the field, and then hand delivered to Laboratoire d’Analyse Bourlamaque, in Bourlamaque, Québec for fire assay for gold.

Technical information in this press release was reviewed and approved by Francis R. Newton P.Geo (OGQ # 2129), a “Qualified Person” pursuant to NI 43-101.

For further information please contact:

Renforth Resources Inc.
Nicole Brewster
President and Chief Executive Officer
#269 – 1099 Kingston Road, Pickering ON L1V 1B5


Renforth Resources Inc. is a Toronto-based gold exploration company with five wholly owned surface gold bearing properties located in the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

In Quebec Renforth holds the New Alger and Parbec properties, in the Cadillac and Malartic gold camps respectively, with gold present at surface and to some depth, located on the Cadillac Break. In both instances’ additional gold bearing structures, other than the Cadillac Break, have been found on each property and require additional exploration. Renforth also holds Malartic West, contiguous to the western boundary of the Canadian Malartic Mine property, located in the Pontiac Sediments, this property is gold bearing and was the recent site of a copper discovery. In addition to this Renforth has optioned the wholly owned Denain-Pershing gold bearing property, located near Louvicourt, Quebec, to O3 Mining Inc.

In Ontario Renforth holds the Nixon-Bartleman surface gold occurrence west of Timmins Ontario, drilled, channeled and sampled over 500m – this historic property also requires additional exploration to define the extent of the mineralization.

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