Jourdan Identifies Significant Lithium Mineralization on Vallee Lithium Property due east of North American Lithium’s Producing Mine

Mineralized corridor appears to be a minimum 600m thick and 1000m long

V.JOR, Jourdan Resources, Lithium

Compilation identified historical results up to 4.88m of 2.97% LiO2

JOURDAN RESOURCES INC. (TSX-V : JOR, Frankfurt and Stuttgart 2JR1) (“Jourdan” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce the results from infill sampling and compilation of drilling from the Vallee Lithium Property, adjacent to the eastern boundary of North American Lithium’s (“NAL”) producing Quebec Lithium Mine. In 2011, Jourdan completed a 4,250 m, 21 drill hole program, the first drill program on the Vallee Lithium property since 1955. In the summer of 2017, the Company relogged and sampled previously untested drill core including holes VAL11-12 and VAL11-19. (See Map 1)


Only 6 holes have completed outside of the significantly mineralized corridor leaving strong potential for additional lithium mineralization on the Vallee Lithium property.


Highlights from infill sampling of the 2011 drilling, completed in the summer of 2017 include 1.30m @ 1.53% Li2O in hole VAL11-19 and 1.65m @ 0.93% Li2O in hole VAL11-19.


The compilation and interpretation, relogging, sampling and surface investigation of the Vallee Lithium property has identified significant lithium mineralization contiguous to a due east of the Quebec Lithium Mine owed by NAL. NAL  is currently completing a planned $50 million financing as a private company, at $2.75 per share, $25 million of which has been committed by a Burwill Holdings Limited, who have also committed to acquire 80% of spodumene concentrate from the Quebec Lithium Mine, which is currently producing.


NAL acquired and is re-starting one of the only near-term viable hard rock lithium operations globally. NAL is the 100-per-cent owner of the Québec Lithium Mine in Val-d’Or, Quebec, a mine site located within reach of North America’s largest markets and export terminals. Jourdan Resources nearly surrounds the Quebec Lithium Mine on all sides save for a portion of the mine’s northern boundary.


Compliation of recent resampling and historical drilling has identified a significantly mineralized corridor of spodumene mineralization 600m thick and 1000m long (visible on Map 1 and Section 1). Holes drilled in 1952, 1953 and 1955 confirm this corridor, and there is very limited drilling outside the corridor, with only 6 holes drilled outside this area that have been complied, and the majority of the area of the Vallee Lithium property is untested.


Concentrate tests results returned more then 5% Li2O from 2011 drill core, previously reported by Jourdan.


Previously unsampled drill core returned results including 0.80m @ 0.63% Li2O in hole VAL11-12, 0.25m @ 0.59% Li2O in hole VAL11-14, and 1.30m @ 1.53% Li2O, 2.05m @ 0.67% Li2O as well as 1.65m @0.93% Li2O all in hole VAL11-19.


Map 1 Plan with 2011 Hole Locations and Quebec Lithium Mine Pit Plan and Mineralized Zones


Link to Map 1 :


Highlights in the 2011 drilling include: 6.95m @ 0.88% Li2O in holes VAL11-20, 5.00m @ 0.85% Li2O in hole VAL11-11, 5.50m @ 1.19% Li2O in holes VAL11-20, 5.80m @ 1.08% Li2O, 5.42m @ 0.81% Li2O in hole VAL11-17, 4.63m @ 1.03% Li2O in hole VAL11-17, 6.33m @0.86% Li2O, 6.84m @0.64% Li2O.


. Table 1: 2011-2017 Significant Drilling/Sampling Results

HoleFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)Grade Li2O%

*denotes 2017 analysis of previously unsampled core


Map 2 Detail Plan of 2011 Drilling with Hole Traces and Vertical Section Locations


Link to Map 2 :


“I am very pleased with the grades encountered east of the Quebec Lithium Mine on Jourdan’s 100% controlled Vallee Lithium property. All results are within 2000m of the open pit plan of the Quebec Lithium Mine, and projecting the zones from the Mine on surface towrads the Vallee Lithium property suggest that additional targets exist south of the significant mineralization identified to date on the property” states Michael Dehn, CEO of Jourdan.


Section 1 Vertical Cross Section #3 and Plan showing 2011 drilling with assay results, geology, and significant intersections


Link to Section 1 :


Highlight from the 1955 drilling program include 4.88m @ 2.97% Li2O in hole VS-12,  4.06m @ 2.00% Li2O in hole VS-12, 3.97m @ 2.80% Li2O in hole VS-10, 2.59m @ 1.61% Li2O in hole VS-6 and 1.68m @ 1.44% LiO2 in hole VS-7.


Although there were few assay results from the 1955 drill program, the results were very significant, with some wide zones and high grades of spodumene. Holes without assays also provided important geological descriptions of mineralization, as well as areas that the drill was unable to reach bedrock. Map 3 provides the location of the holes drilled in 1955 as well as the location of the 1952, 1953 and 2011 drill hole location.


Table 2: 1955 Drilling Results

 From (feet)To (feet)Length (feet)Grade Li2O% or visual spodumene description
VS-1A (1955)542.00542.500.501.08
VS-1 (1955)720.50723.503.001.36
VS-2 (1955)307.00315.008.00some spodumene
VS-3 (1955)195.00202.007.00minor spodumene
VS-4 (1955)0.00170.00170.00Overburden – Abandoned
VS-5 (1955)383.50384.501.00some spodumene
 545.50548.002.50minor spodumene
 552.00555.003.00fair spodumene (8%)
VS-6 (1955)457.50466.008.501.61
VS-7 (1955)739.50745.005.501.44
VS-8 (1955)0.00134.00134.00Overburden – Abandoned
VS-9 (1955)607.00627.0020.000.09
VS-10 (1955)588.00601.0013.002.80
VS-11 (1955)0.00125.00125.00Overburden – Abandoned
VS-12 (1955)200.50213.8013.302.00
VS-13 (1955)0.0084.0084.00Overburden – Abandoned
VS-14 (1955)233.50236.703.201.68
VS-15 (1955)299.50311.003.500.56


Highlights from the 1952-53 drilling program include 11.29m @ 15-20% Spodumene in hole S-15,  3.17m @ 50% Spodumene in hole SB-33, 2.99m @ 15% Spodumene as well as Lepidolite in hole SB-50, and 2.81m @ 20% Spodumene in hole SB-52.


There where no assays provided with the logs for the 1952 and 1953 drill holes, but the descriptions and visual identification of spodumene, often with a visual percent of spodumene in the core over a length gives strong indication of lithium mineralization. Additionally, the identification of lepidolite in one hole demonstrates that lithium is present not only in spodumene but in lepidolite as well.


Table 3: 1952-1953 Drilling Results

 From (feet)To (feet)Length (feet)Visual Spodumene (%) or comment
S-15 (1952)3.4040.4037.0015-20
SB-20 (1953)75.3078.703.405-10
 155.50166.5011.001″ to 2″ long crystals
 173.20176.803.601″ to 2″ long crystals
SB-21 (1953)220.30235.5015.20Coarse Spodumene
SB-22 (1953)66.7069.903.20Spodumene Needles
 150.40163.0012.601/8 to 1/4″ wide, 1 to 2.5″ long crystals
 166.90169.502.601/8 to 1/4″ wide, 1 to 2.5″ long crystals
SB-32 (1953)76.0078.202.20long acicular elongate crystals
 106.70126.2019.50traces of spodumene
 158.60171.3012.70uniform distribution
SB-33 (1953)212.00222.4010.4050
SB-34 (1953)116.00152.0036.00very poor to very good
SB-35 (1953)171.00217.0046.00abundant 171-215, poor 215-217
 229.30237.808.50mostly coarse grained
 242.80253.0010.20fine grained, uniform, and abundant
 265.30267.602.30fine grained, uniform, and abundant
 268.40273.004.60fine grained, uniform, and fair
SB-36 (1953)86.90114.3027.40uniform and abundant – visual estimate 1.2% Li2O
SB-37 (1953)210.30212.001.70poor to rich
SB-38 (1953)123.70125.201.50good fine light green
SB-39 (1953)0.0054.0054.00Overburden – Abandoned
SB-40 (1953)286.60290.303.70unusual medium grained
 296.60307.1010.50medium to coarse grained
SB-41 (1953)205.50206.300.80traces of spodumene
 276.60285.508.90traces for a few inches on both walls
SB-42 (1953)355.30357.502.20fair amount
 365.30372.507.20coarse pale crystals
 381.60386.004.40fair amount fine grained
SB-43 (1953)0.0055.0055.00Overburden – Abandoned
SB-44 (1953)172.50174.201.70fair amount
 192.90193.300.40fair amount
 215.70227.6011.90coarse, fair amount
 330.90331.800.90coarse, rich
 355.70358.302.60coarse, elongate
SB-45 (1953)52.0063.6011.60coarse and fine crystals
SB-46 (1953)No Spodumene Noted 
SB-50 (1953)282.20285.303.1013
 302.20312.009.8015% spodumene as well as some lepidolite
SB-52 (1953)322.60324.602.005
SB-56 (1953)93.3096.503.20Trace


Map 3 Plan of all drill holes to date on the Vallee Lithium Property (as well as a few on the Quebec Lithium Mine Property)


Link to Map 3 :


All new samples have been sent to SGS Canada Inc. facilities in Lakefield, Ontario (“SGS”) for analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma methods.  These laboratories are recognized by the industry and accredited ISO/MEC 17025 by the Standards Council of Canada.  In addition to the quality assurance and quality control (“QA/QC”) employed by SGS, Jourdan Resources develops a rigorous QA/QC protocol for its operators, including the insertion of analytical standard samples, duplicates, and coarse silica blanks on a systematic basis.  To determine the QC warning, ±2x Std. Dev., and QC failure ±3x Std. Dev. were used. QC results did not highlight any significant analytical bias.


Yves Caron, M.Sc., P.Geo., and Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, has reviewed and approved the technical information in this press release.


About Jourdan Resources


Jourdan Resources Inc. is a Canadian junior mining exploration company trading under the symbol JOR on the TSX Venture and 2JR1 on the Frankfurt and Stuttgart Stock Exchanges. The Company is focused on the acquisition, exploration, production, and development of mining properties in lithium.


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Although the Company believes many of its properties have promising potential, its properties are in the early stages of exploration. None have yet been shown to contain proven or probable mineral reserves. There can be no assurance that such reserves will be identified on any property, or that, if identified, any mineralization may be economically extracted.


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