Eloro Resources intersects Significant Tin Mineralization (0.17% Sn over 52.75m) in Mina Casiterita Property and also Receives Strong Results from Infill Holes at Santa Barbara Deposit, Potosi Department, Bolivia

Tin mineralization at Casiterita is located 2km southwest of the Santa Barbara deposit indicating that the overall Iska Iska mineralizing system is much more extensive, as predicted from geophysical data. Further drilling is required to fully evaluate this prospective target area. Holes DHK-31, DSB-53 and DSB-54, drilled to fill-in gaps in drill coverage in the eastern part of the Santa Barbara deposit, returned well mineralized intersections as follows: 125.99g Ag eq/t (12.99g Ag/t, 1.76% Zn and 0.45% Pb) over 125.79m including 257.66 g Ag eq/t (44.82g Ag/t, 3.34% Zn and 1.17% Pb) over 8.94m (DHK-31) 177.41g Ag eq/t (28.89g Ag/t, 1.02% Zn, 0.43% Pb and 0.19% Sn) over 60.14m including 1,228 g Ag eq/t (305.21g Ag/t, 0.21 g Au/t, 2.81% Zn, 2.74% Pb and 1.64% Sn) over 4.49m (DHK-31) 128.23g Ag eq/t (7.86g Ag/t, 2.06% Zn and 0.37% Pb) over 85.52m including 165.82 g Ag eq/t (7.99g Ag/t, 2.69% Zn and 0.44% Pb) over 29.95m (DSB-54) 185.07g Ag eq/t (12.38g Ag/t, 0.11 g Au/t, 2.95% Zn and 0.38% Pb) over 24.04m including 483.12 g Ag eq/t (31.24g Ag/t, 0.24 g Au/t, 7.94% Zn and 0.89% Pb) over 7.62m (DSB-54) 83.98g Ag eq/t (5.88g Ag/t, 1.27% Zn and 0.21% Pb) over 34.56 and 67.14 g Ag eq/t (10.25g Ag/t, 0.79% Zn and 0.32% Pb) over 34.33m (DSB-53) Holes DSB-55 and DSB-56 drilled in the southern extension of the Santa Barbara deposit 100m and 200m, respectively, south of previous drilling intersected: 145.69g Ag eq/t (6.37g Ag/t, 0.17 g Au/t, 1.94% Zn and 0.29% Pb) over 70.79m including 341.78g Ag eq/t (12.75g Ag/t, 0.66 g Au/t, 4.31% Zn and 0.54% Pb) over 10.55m (DSB-55), 159.55g Ag eq/t (13.97g Ag/t, 0.36g Au/t, 1.16% Zn, 0.20% Pb and 0.29% Cu) over 54.10m including 329.05g Ag eq/t (36.32g Ag/t, 0.85g Au/t, 1.89% Zn, 0.36% Pb and 0.68% Cu) over 12.01m (DSB-56), and 241.06g Ag eq/t (12.77g Ag/t, 0.33 g Au/t, 2.70% Zn, 0.34% Pb and 0.44% Cu) over 22.59m including 411.52g Ag eq/t (22.71g Ag/t, 0.43g Au/t, 4.70% Zn. 0.58% Pb and 0.82% Cu) over 10.54m (DSB-56) These holes extend the strike length of the Santa Barbara deposit to over 1,400m, still open in all directions.
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Geological Map of the Mina Casiterita and Porco-Mina 2 Target Areas Showing Locations of Diamond Drill Holes.  Holes reported in this release are highlight in red circles

Eloro Resources Ltd. (TSX: ELO; OTCQX: ELRRF; FSE: P2QM) (“Eloro”, or the “Company”) is pleased to announce assay results from reconnaissance drilling on the Mina Casiterita Property (8 holes totalling 5,726.8m), additional definition drilling on the eastern margin and southern extension of the Santa Barbara deposit (5 holes totalling 4,223.7m) and reconnaissance drilling in the Porco-Mina 2 area (3 holes totalling 2,544.9m). In total 16 holes totaling 12,495.4m have been completed as shown in Figure 1 (Casiterita/Porco-Mina 2) and Figure 2 (Santa Barbara). Table 1 provides the coordinates of the drill holes for which results are reported in this press release and Table 2 lists information for holes for which assay results are still pending. Significant results are listed in Tables 3 (Casiterita), 4 and 5 (Santa Barbara) and 6 (Porco-Mina 2). read more