Renforth rolling forward

RFR.C, Renforth Resources, gold, Quebec

Renforth Resources put out a press release November 12 which outlines the company’s activities at its polymetallic Surimeau Property which is contiguous to the Canadian Malartic Mine as well as updating the company’s drilling at Parbec.

The best part about a Renforth press release is that CEO Nicole Brewster sends out a newsletter explaining why the release matters to the company.

“Stay tuned – it really is this simple, and this logical. We are looking where no one has really looked, beside Canada’s largest gold mine, south of a crustal scale mineralized structure, under shallow cover where we can work effectively, using advances in technology and learning in the industry from exploration in the far north. And – we are not starting from zero, we do have at the core of Surimeau a mineralized system.”

As always, go and read the whole newsletter.

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