Take the Money and Drill

RFR.C, Renforth Resources, gold, Quebec

To be fair, Nicole Brewster is the only CEO who makes me laugh. Which is why I very much like the “can do”, “situation normal” attitude she brings to Renforth Resources. Her press release today announcing the first 1000 meters of drilling at Renforth’s Parbec property was, as it should be, a sober recitation of material facts.

Today’s note, accompanying the release, was a thing of beauty and great candor:

“Drilling! From here until……

Eternity? Well, maybe not for that long….but certainly until the end of this year, and the first quarter of next….

We are fully funded – such a different reality now. Transformative is the word. More money coming in with the 13.5 cent PP closing soon….and we have our flagship asset, Parbec, which warrants some serious spending.

So serious spending it will get.

Let me tell you what we will be doing, from now until….”

Go read the whole thing.

Nicole sits you down on her back deck, cracks open a couple of beers, and tells you exactly what’s going on and why she’s excited. These notes are the best thing in the junior resource business today.

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