Renforth Update

RFR.C, Renforth Resources, gold, Quebec

Sure, you can read Renforth’s update press release.

But to get a real flavour of what Renforth (C.RFR) is doing along the Cadillac Break you need to read CEO Nicole Brewster’s wonderfully chatty newsletter to shareholders,

Parbec – again the beep mat, as the geological team got a better grip on capability they started doing some high level interp in real time and prospecting the targets….it worked insofar as it helped in extending the Diorite Splay mineralization. Ok let me back up – do you recall we figured out we had some of the diorites, which occur with the Cadillac Break at Parbec, bending away from the Break? They are in the sediments to the south – we do not yet know how they got there…but they are there. Are they fingers or are they lenses – no idea yet. It is important because anything in the sediments is unusual, especially when it is associated with gold, like our Diorite Splays are.”

Go read the whole thing!

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