Nugget Effect Explained

RFR.C, Renforth Resopurces, gold, Quebec

Renforth Resources (C.RFR) put out a press release today on the results of metallic screen assays on core from its New Alger project at the Cadillac Break in Quebec.

Along with the news release, Nicole Brewster, CEO of Renforth put out a wonderful Note to shareholders explaining the significance of these results and why the “nugget effect” matters,

“I had a conversation with a producer I will not name, we were discussing their own project, an operating mine. Our conversation was about the mechanics – planning an area to mine. Prior to blasting to mine the rock the company drills a series of holes into the block, this allows them to determine the grade of the material and plan accordingly, forecasting financials etc.  In the instance of this company they are consistently finding that once they blast and mine the material the recovered grade is appreciably higher.  Giving them more gold, beating forecasts etc.  THAT IS THE NUGGET EFFECT. A positive thing to have.”

Worth reading the whole thing here.

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