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Canadian junior mining, gold

Our friends over at CEO.CA do a stockpicking contest every year. This years is open until January 6th so go here  and give it your best shot.

We don’t do a lot of stock picking at but we obviously pay attention. Below are not recomendations, they are simply three stocks I think will do very well in 2019.

I post under a pseudonym and here are my picks V.BHS, V.WGO and V.PRG.

Two golds and a silver.

The logic? Well, Bayhorse Silver (V.BHS) has a silver mine in Oregon which is all of an inch away from shipping silver concentrate. Call it three months to actual silver production. My own view is that silver is going to outpace gold as precious metals come back from the doldrums. But a real producing mine with an upfront, already paid, cost of about 7.5 million dollars is a great start. Add to that the fact Graeme O’Neill has found a great big block of high grade material which is being mined and the fact he already has an ore sorter in place to separate the wheat from the chaff and you have to think V.BHS is going to trade for a multiple of its closing price of $0.12.

White Gold (V.WGO) is a completely different story. Right now it is a pure exploration play in the Dawson Range in the Yukon. It is a Shawn Ryan project with serious financing from Toronto. It is somewhat unique in the junior exploration space as it has strategic investment from two majors: Agnico Eagle and Kinross Gold. This is very much a district play with recent results suggesting that there is high grade gold close to surface. This year WGO drilled both its Golden Saddle and its JP Ross property targets and pretty much could not miss. And when it hit it was seeing gold values on the order of 15 to 30 gpt. Critically, while White Gold is exploring using helicopter driven methods, there is a road from Dawson City to the White Gold properties. No small thing in the Yukon. If WGO can establish a series of pitable deposits on its huge land holdings there is every chance its already strong share performance will continue. And if the price of gold keeps going up steadily, every ounce of reserves WGO discovers will add to its market cap.

Precipitate Gold (V.PRG) is a straight gamble. Precipitate has land directly adjacent to Barrick’s huge gold mine in the Dominican Republic. They have a geological theory which, in simplest terms says that there is a deposit of similar size buried beneath a “cap” of material about 200 meters thick. So, drill ten holes and see if the theory is correct. Most geological theories turn out to be wrong. However, PRG has a Board which tends to be right. I’ll bet on Quinton Hennigh (NOVO) any time. And the rest of the Board are seasoned explorationists. CEO Jeff Wilson will keep the money coming and the communications on track. But this is “drill to kill”. Pure hypotheses testing. If one of the holes hits mineralization the stock will run. How high? No idea but to win the stock picking contest I need a 10 bagger but, to kill it, I want to see NOVO like stock performance. This is a crap shoot. If none of the holes hit it will drop back to $0.05 on the value of its other projects; but if one or two hit, Wilson will make sure the world knows and the CEO.CA stockpicking contest is mine.

The CEO.CA stock picking contest is just for fun. But worth looking at for new investment ideas.



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